Bruno Nicolai's Stunning 'Geminus' Gets First-Ever Vinyl Reissue via Four Flies

The Italian soundtrack hub is also releasing a new Giuliano Sorgini collection called 'Occulto' just in time for Halloween
Bruno Nicolai's Stunning 'Geminus' Gets First-Ever Vinyl Reissue via Four Flies
While never reaching the same mainstream success as longtime collaborator Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai most definitely held his own weight, with many of his works standing tall among some of cinematic Italy's best. Now one of Nicolai's most beloved — but elusive — efforts is getting its first-ever vinyl reissue.

Four Flies has announced it will be treating Nicolai's brilliant 1969 effort Geminus to a much-needed vinyl reissue this month.

Nicolai's musical work served as the soundtrack to the Italian mini-series directed by Luciano Emmer, and the album originally arrived via the famed Gemelli imprint — only to then out very out of print and fetch a pretty penny on resale markets.

Now Four Flies will finally make Geminus widely available on vinyl again, with the repress shipping out on October 30.

As the label explains, "Nicolai's soundtrack has been remastered from the original master tapes and comes in a glossy, tip-on style jacket featuring the restored original cover artwork, as well as extended liner notes by film critics Francesco Cesari and Roberto Curti."

For the unfamiliar, Geminus is the perfect blend of Nicolai's many sounds and styles, offering up a mix of '60s beat/psych pop numbers alongside other more experimental textures that the composer would frequently apply in his giallo and horror scores. Geminus also features the heavenly vocals of the legendary Edda Dell'Orso, as well as vocal harmonies sung by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni.

The Geminus reissue will be limited to 500 copies, and it can be pre-ordered now. You can hear a sampler of the album down below.

It should be noted that Geminus did receive a pretty great CD reissue back in 2014 that included a pile of bonus tracks not included on the original vinyl release or the Four Flies reissue.

In addition the Geminus reissue, Four Flies is also once again celebrating Italian soundtrack/library hero Giuliano Sorgini with a new collection called Occulto. The collection comes in the wake of previous Four Flies reissues of the amazing Africa Oscura, in addition to the classic Zoe Folle.

Arriving on October 31, Occulto "unearths some of his darkest, eeriest music — that is, pieces he composed in the mid-70s for some of the most infamous, low-budget horror movies ever made in Italy," according to Four Flies.

The label goes on to explain:

This collection brings together a selection of original recordings from those movies, which were directed by "Italian Kings of the B's" Angelo Pannacciò, Salvatore Bugnatelli, Luigi Batzella, and Guido Zurli, with whom the Roman composer worked intensively throughout the 70s. Due to the very low-budget nature of the films, Sorgini recorded the soundtracks entirely on his own, in his Cat & Fox Studio in Rome. He played drums and percussions and added overlapping layers of analogue synths to create a superbly sinister soundscape, thus turning a constraint into an opportunity.

You can pre-order Occulto now as well.

As previously reported, Nicolai's Dimensioni Sonore — the 10-volume set made alongside longtime Morricone — will be treated to a lavish vinyl box set on October 30 via Dialogo.