Bell Media Offers Update on Iconic Truck Sculpture as CP24 Leaves MuchMusic Building

The truck will stay where it is, at least for now

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 24, 2024

CP24 and BNN Bloomberg are leaving the former MuchMusic building at 299 Queen Street West, but Toronto residents can rest assured that at least one iconic aspect of the building won't be changing anytime soon: the installation of the truck exploding out of the side of the building will stay where it is, at least for now.

Bell Media spokesperson Christy Sullivan told the Toronto Star, "There are no plans to remove the truck at this time."

The truck originally belonged to Citytv, whose news program CityPulse referred to the vehicle as the Live Eye. It was a fixture on TV and even hosted its own segment, with the truck itself voiced by Mark "The Voice" Dailey. After the bulky truck became obsolete, it was nearly scrapped before being turned into a sculpture and installed on the side of the building in 1993.

Citytv was sold in 2009 and moved out of the building, with Bell Media taking over 299 Queen Street West. The company repainted the Live Eye with CP24 branding.

Now that CP24 is also leaving the building as of October, it remains to be seen if it will be repainted once again.

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