'Avatar' Has Ditched the Papyrus Font

Ryan Gosling must be so happy right now
'Avatar' Has Ditched the Papyrus Font
It's been nine years since Avatar — a stoner art film about blue people that plug their ponytails into one another — broke a ridiculous amount of box office records. While James Cameron's franchise has been quiet ever since, he's currently plotting four more films in the series. And while they'll probably still look like dorm room poster art for people who love shrooms, one thing is changing — the movie's typography.

Last year, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch that saw Ryan Gosling haunted by the fact that Cameron's movie was titled in Papyrus — a font that has surpassed Comic Sans as the most mocked typeface.

The official Avatar Twitter page recently shared the sketch, writing "Thanks for the laughs" as if they didn't go into a shame spiral the night it aired:

They went on to tease that a new logo was imminent, and they've since released it. Honestly, we're a little sad that they didn't go with the Jokerman font, but you can peep the new logo below.