​Antoni from 'Queer Eye' Is Opening a "Fast-Casual" Restaurant

​Antoni from 'Queer Eye' Is Opening a 'Fast-Casual' Restaurant
Canadian-born member of Queer Eye's Fab Five Antoni Porowski has revealed plans to open a restaurant in New York.
As Vulture reports, the TV food guru let the announcement slip during a Queer Eye cast panel in New York.
"I'm all about, like, cheese and pork belly and decadence," he said. "As a result of the increased vanity of being on camera all the time and working out and eating healthy, I'm developing a fast-casual food concept restaurant that I'm gonna be opening here in New York."
And what could be more fast or casual than just walking into a place and buying already prepared food?
He hasn't divulged any further information about the upcoming venture, but we're gonna go ahead and assume that there will be plenty of avocado options on the menu — and the National on the soundsystem.
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