'Animorphs' Creators Part Ways with Film Adapters over Creative Differences

'Animorphs' Creators Part Ways with Film Adapters over Creative Differences
Over the summer, we learned about an incoming Animorphs movie — you know, based on those Scholastic books with the freaky cover art — and now it seems that creative differences have caused the series' creators to drop out of the project entirely.

Michael Grant spoke on behalf of himself and his co-author Katherine Applegate earlier this week to notify fans about their exit from the project. While he said that production company Picture Start and Scholastic Entertainment aren't up to "anything nefarious," the companies began writing decisions into the adaptation against the creators' interest.

"We have a policy: we don't claim or accept credit for things we didn't actually do," he wrote in a tweet.

"Since we weren't actually doing or contributing anything, we bailed. The alternative was pretending to you people that we were beavering away being brilliant. Well...no," he added. "That would be silly. We wish [Picture Start] the best. We hope they make a great movie."

So far, plans to go ahead with the Erik Feig-helmed film appear to remain in place.

Previously, the 54-book series had been adapted for TV for a series that ran on Nickelodeon and YTV from 1998 to 1999.

See Grant's announcement below.