Almost 60 Makeup Artists Weren't Credited for Netflix's 'Bright'

Almost 60 Makeup Artists Weren't Credited for Netflix's 'Bright'
Netflix's orc cop movie Bright was a complete disaster, not that it really matters — even though most people hated it, the streaming behemoth has already greenlit a sequel. Here's hoping they get the names right next time, as nearly 60 makeup artists claim they were left out of the film's end credits.

Contrary to what you might think, actor Joel Edgerton is not actually an orc. Instead, he was made to look that way by a crack team of makeup artists through the company studioADI. 

The company has released a statement [via IndieWire] claiming that its entire crew was left out of the credits of the film. "We're having the necessary conversations about getting it rectified (it's streaming, right? seems like a do-able fix) but until we get a resolution, we thought we'd post the complete list of the incredible folks who worked on ADI's crew," the company wrote.

You can see the full list of missing ADI credits below.

Their makeup work is currently on the long-list for an Academy Award, and it would sure be great if we could refer to this orc cop movie as "the Oscar-winning film Bright."

Shop Supervisor:
Yuri Everson

Asst. Shop Supervisor:

Garth Winkless

Mechanical Supervisor:

Dave Penikas

Seaming/ Fabrication Supervisor:

Tim Leach

Mold Supervisor:

Dave Perteet

Paint Supervisor:

Mike Larrabee

Foam Supervisor:

Matt Mastrella


Michael Heintzelman

Seaming/ Finishing Dept.:

Brian Clawson

Sara Villarreal

Jon K. Miller

Hope DeCanio

Amanda Taggart

Alison Kellerman

Anthony Matijevich

Jon Fedele

Fabrication Dept.:

Consuelo Duran

Elizabeth Santos

Lucy Torres


Colin Gillis

Paul Manchento

Design Dept.:

Ken Barthelmey

Justin Goby-Fields

Mauricio Ruiz

Justice Joseph

Miles Teves

Bryan Wynia

Andrew Bergholtz

Jordan K. Morris

Sculpture Dept.:

Wayne Anderson

Steve Koch

Mikey Rotella

Ayumi Miyashiro

Matt Rose

Michael O'Brien

Timothy Martin

Mold Dept.:

Brent Baker

Anthony Stewart

Steve Winsett

Kyle Marzigliano

David Woodruff

Tanner White

Jared Guenther

Brian Rae

Anthony Diaz

Grace Balsamo

Foam Dept.:

Keaton Blue

Dustin Washburne

Jacob Roanhaus

Paint Dept.:

Reed Cesare

Adam Dougherty

Contact Lenses:

Cristina Patterson

Jessica Nelson

Baby Body Mold:

Vincent Van Dyke