Adam Sandler Calls 'Ridiculous Six' a "Pro-Indian Movie"

Adam Sandler Calls 'Ridiculous Six' a 'Pro-Indian Movie'
Though his 2014 masterpiece The Cobbler carried a lesson about walking in other people's shoes, absurdly rich comedian and fashion expert Adam Sandler has not had much cultural sensitivity of late. While shooting his forthcoming Netflix movie Ridiculous Six, a dozen native actors walked off set over concerns about the film's racist jokes and cultural sensitivity. Months later, Sandler has finally responded to the situation.

While promoting his new movie Pixels (the film that finally brought Waka Flocka Flame and Good Charlotte together), Sandler was approached by Screen Crush about the allegations of racism in his new film.

"I talked to some of the actors on the set who were there and let them know that the intention of the movie is 100% to just make a funny movie," Sandler said, possibly in that annoying Adam Sandler "dooby doo" voice. "It's really about American Indians being good to my character and about their family and just being good people. There's no mocking of American Indians at all in the movie.... It's a pro-Indian movie. So hopefully when people see it — whoever was offended on set and walked out, I hope they realize that, and that's it. It was kinda taken out of context."

Of course, anyone who's seen the leaked script excerpts will have a hard time believing that "there's no mocking of American Indians at all in the movie." Among the many, many grotesque jokes is the phrase "let me put my peepee in your teepee."

It's not just Sandler putting his last shred of dignity on the line with Ridiculous Six, however. The movie also features appearances from Nick Nolte, Terry Crews, Steve Buscemi, Will Forte, Taylor Lautner, Luke Wilson and Whitney Cummings. If you hate yourself and want to feel some pain, the movie hits Netflix on December 11.