Watch Known Barb George Santos Deliver "Monster" Bars for Ziwe

The disgraced ex-congressman sat for an interview with the comedian

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 18, 2023

The day many of us have been waiting for is finally here: Ziwe has shared her interview with recently expelled alt-right congressman George Santos.

While best known for allegedly committing identity fraud, lying about multiple aspects of his life and having a past drag persona, the accused federal law-breaker can also spit bars on command.

"I'm not spitting verses for you," Santos told Ziwe, before she started ripping Nicki Minaj's verse in "Monster." "Pull up in the monster automobile..." she began, before Santos finished the bar without hesitation. Considering he stands by the rapper's cousin's friend's balls, it tracks.

The impromptu rap session is far from the only jaw-dropping moment in this interview — which Ziwe claims Santos asked to be paid for three times over. The politician admits to not knowing "who the hell" James Baldwin is, and gets tricked into saying "I con" instead of "icon."

Santos' grasp on what an icon is is notably loose, considering he claimed that Gen Z "loves Trump" because "he's an icon." He then shifts to talking about loving Gen Z progressives because "they need to slay the boots house down."

Throughout the interview, Ziwe asks killer questions, including, "What advice do you have for young diverse people with personality disorders considering a career in politics?" She also refused to autograph Santos's copy of her book in case he tried to steal her identity. Watch the segment in full below. 

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