UBC Has Published a Parody of Exclaim! Magazine Called Explain!

This actual real-life magazine is available in print

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 12, 2023

Exclaim! just published a new print issue last week — boygenius are on the cover and it's an excellent issue, if we say so ourselves — but anyone at the University of British Columbia may have noticed another similar-looking magazine being distributed on campus. That's because UBC's student newspaper, The Ubyssey, has devoted an entire print issue to parodying Exclaim!

The magazine is called Explain! — a nifty play on words for a publication that already has a pun in its name, as well as an accurate reflection of the most common mishearing of what ours is called. The cover star is the fictional SoundCloud rapper JJ Moniker, with an article written by one IMAXIPAD. Also on the cover, our weekly playlist, The Eh! List, has been spoofed as "The Eyyyyy List." But do they have a chicken sponsor like we do? Shout out to Mary Brown's.

There's also an op-ed called "TÁR Normalizes Classical Music, and That's Bad" — a statement we disagree with, but we're going to reserve judgment until we read the article. We'll be willing to hear them out. As for the musical adaptation of your Math 100 lecture? That's a safe pan.

Incredibly, this is a real print issue with actual physical copies around campus at UBC. And, for the record, we had no idea this existed until today, when a student drew it to our attention. (Thanks, Nomi.)

There's even a digital accompaniment to the issue in the form of an interview feature with both JJ Moniker and his critics, who are notably clean. There's a clip of his music, and honestly, It's not bad. Check out the impressively high production-value video below, as well as a reel of "Evil Nardwuar" confronting the UBC music community. (Where's the force of good that is Dan Mangan when you need him?)

This isn't the first connection between The Ubyssey and Exclaim!, since UBC's student publication was one of the first places yours truly was ever published. Who knows — maybe IMAXIPAD will someday become a staff member with us.

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