Toronto's 5 Best Cannabis Destinations

The city's top places to smoke, enjoy comedy and get creative with weed

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Dec 5, 2019

Toronto is a haven for cannabis enthusiasts with plenty of retail stores and pot-themed activities you can participate in across the city. Even before legalization took effect over a year ago, Toronto was acting as a global hotspot for up-and-coming developments in the industry making it a prime spot for the cannabis community to thrive and draw more people into their circle.

1. Vapor Central (667 Yonge St.)

Vapor Central is an amazing place to have a sesh for a bunch of different situations. You can go to catch up with a friend, catch a comedy show, see a band play or pop on a pair of headphones and study. It's super cheap to go in and they have a ton of different bongs and vaporizers to try out while you're there.

2. Hotbox Cafe (204 Augusta Ave.)

Sitting right in the heart of Kensington Market, Hotbox Cafe has been a staple of Toronto's cannabis scene since 2003. It's been a safe space for cannabis enthusiasts long before legalization came along and even though the rules have changed you're still able to use the patio out back for smoking and vaping.

3. Puff 'n' Paint (Dupont St.)

Cannabis is a great tool for getting the creative juices flowing and bringing people together, so why not explore the city with like-minded people? Canada High Tours is a company offering a wide-variety of tours and classes related to cannabis in major cities all across the country and their Puff 'N' Paint experience offers a safe spot to toke up while getting an art session.

4. The Underground Cafe & Social Club (670 Queen St. E)

Comedy and cannabis go hand in hand and the Underground Comedy Club is the spot to hit if you want to go out to have a laugh while getting high. The 4:20-friendly space is also located right under the Puff Mama head shop in the east end of the city if you want to check out the latest cannabis accessories while you're there enjoying stand up comedy sets.

5. Cannabis Cooking Company (477 Richmond St. W)

Cannabis edibles are finally coming to Canada, but if you want to know how to do it yourself, the Cannabis Cooking Company can show you everything you need to know. Not only do you get to learn how to cook using cannabis, you get a lesson on the history of cooking with the plant and how to analyze strains in an in depth way.

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