This Anti-Trump Bit Made 200 People Walk Out of an Amy Schumer Show

This Anti-Trump Bit Made 200 People Walk Out of an Amy Schumer Show
Earlier this year, Amy Schumer kicked a sexist heckler out of her show in Sweden, but it turns out terrible people attend her shows the world over. Last night (October 16), Schumer performed a set in Tampa, FL, and approximately 200 people walked out after she made jokes at Donald Trump's expense.
She was headlining the Amalie Arena, and the crowd began to boo when her topics of discussion turned to gun control and the U.S. election.
After inviting a Trump-supporting audience member onstage to explain his political allegiance, she described the presidential candidate as an "orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster."
She also invited survivors of sexual assault to stand up, offering her support to them, then revealed that she "couldn't imagine" looking at her two-year-old niece and explaining: "This is our president. He wants to finger his daughter."
Unsurprisingly, Schumer went on to vocalize her support for Hillary Clinton, and when audience members began to boo, she invited them to walk out or take an extended bathroom break.
Schumer also addressed the need for tighter restrictions on the sale of firearms in the States. She has been a vocal advocate for stricter gun control laws since last year, when a man opened fire at a screening of her movie Trainwreck in Lafayette, LA.
UPDATE (10/18, 1 p.m. EDT): Fan-shot footage [via the Tampa Bay Times] from the show that triggered the walk-outs in Tampa has been removed. But you can see for yourself if Schumer's Trump material resurfaces at her remaining live shows. Find details for Schumer's upcoming world tour stops here.