Serengeti and 'Workaholics' Star Anders Holm Release EP as Perfecto

Serengeti and 'Workaholics' Star Anders Holm Release EP as Perfecto
Chicago rapper Serengeti makes up one-third of Sisyphus along with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux, an now he's rolled out a new release with a new collaborative project. This one is called Perfecto, and it features an unlikely star: Anders Holm (a.k.a. Ders) from the TV show Workaholics.

Perfecto also includes producer DJ Rafal, and they surprise-released You Can't Run from the Rhythm today (October 28) through Joyful Noise Recordings. It consists of just five songs, but it's almost long enough to be considered a full-length thanks to the 17-minute closing track, "The Labrador," which an announcement refers to as an "origin story" and a "novel-as-song" about how Rafal got into making beats.

The announcement notes that this project "embraces early '90s neon, glossy beats, house vocals, and bass to the face." The five tracks are "synth dance anthems, house vamps, wavy rhythms, raps that would make Chill Rob G have to chill."

For a taste of this, check out a video the brash, goofy rap track "Giorgio" below. It's full of silly dancing, bad mustaches and tacky green screen effects, and we can get a sense of Holm's rapping skills. (Of course, anyone familiar with Workaholics has already got a little taste of Ders' flow on more than one occasion.)

You Can't Run from the Rhythm is available to order from Joyful Noise. It can be purchased digitally, on standard black vinyl, or in a run of 500 records on pink and yellow split-colour wax.

Interestingly, "Perfecto" is the name of a track from Serengeti's 2014 album Kenny Dennis III.

You Can't Run from the Rhythm:

1. Giorgio
2. Close Your Eyes
4. Side x Side
5. The Labrador