Robert Kelly Live at the Village Underground

Robert Kelly Live at the Village Underground
Taped in the sister venue of the iconic Comedy Cellar, Robert Kelly: Live at the Village Underground is a solidly funny album that pays tribute to the everyday reality of the comedy club instead of indulging in the grandeur of a large, less intimate theatre. Through his winning combination of well-written material and enthusiastic, fast-paced delivery, Kelly creates a thoroughly entertaining and occasionally insightful hour.
"Do you ever eat with someone who can just stop eating? Like what the fuck is that! How do you do that?! Are your parents still together?" Kelly asks with amazement in a chunk about his primary vice. He also talks about his inability to control himself with chocolate, his love of mac and cheese, and the pros and cons of being overweight.
Similarly, Kelly talks a lot about his other indulgence: sex. He illustrates how the way that society thinks of breasts and ejaculate is completely illogical, he goes into detail about the perverted nature of men, and he shares the follies of trying to conceive. Likewise, he finds humour in relationships: he explains why men cut themselves off from their friends while they're dating, and jokes about the feeling of loving someone so much that you want to kill them.
In addition, Kelly delivers material on different but equally universal topics. He sharply addresses the pressure on men to be emotionless, tells a story about farting in a baby's face, and discusses the joys of aging. Moreover, he comically recounts the awe of seeing a gorgeous man at the gym drop his towel in the dressing room, as well as the pain and disgustingness of getting his butt waxed, complete with cringe-worthy graphic noises. He finishes the hour with a hilariously vivid picture of his wife giving birth, which is especially great because of his smart, perfectly placed Jim Gaffigan reference. (Independent)