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In Living Kohler

BY Vish KhannaPublished Oct 6, 2017

Self-proclaimed "word nerd" Rebecca Kohler is truly brilliant on her new record, which shows off her power as both an in-the-moment performer and a wonderful comedic writer. In a sense, Kohler speaks to situations and scenarios that many of us can relate to, but it's fair to say that she's particularly focused on what it means to live life as a woman.
It's a rather breathtaking and necessary collection of material that delves into personal health, sex and perception, and how such things form part of the strange knot that binds our interpersonal relationships. It's also, more generally, a super smart, silly takedown of subjects that are both whispered about among friends and occasionally the open source of so much socio-political tension.
Kohler puts herself out there here, unafraid to take us on trips through pharmacies, gynaecologists' offices, abortion clinics, and even some bedrooms. In lesser hands, this kind of thing might be employed simply for shock value, but Kohler is just so remarkably skilled at telling such jokes that walk a line between totally charming and wtf.
When one of her ideas goes somewhere cartoonishly surreal, Kohler's energy climbs high, as if she's summoning some strength within, so that all of us can deal with whatever unpredictable path lies ahead. As it happens, on In Living Kohler, every road leads to comedy pay dirt.
(Comedy Records)

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