Louis C.K.'s 'I Love You, Daddy' Premiere Cancelled Ahead of 'New York Times' Story

Louis C.K.'s 'I Love You, Daddy' Premiere Cancelled Ahead of 'New York Times' Story
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, more and more sexual harassment claims have been coming to light in the entertainment industry. Comedian Louis C.K. attempted to address the harassment claims lodged against himself in his new movie I Love You, Daddy, which also seemingly discusses Woody Allen's various scandals. Now, the New York premiere of C.K.'s film has been cancelled in advance of a story by the New York Times.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was set to premiere at the Paris Theatre in New York tonight (November 9). Mere hours before the event, representatives said it was cancelled due to "unexpected circumstances."

Unnamed sources told The Hollywood Reporter that a New York Times story about the comedian is about to break. Over the years, there have been multiple allegations that C.K. liked to force young female comics to watch him masturbate. Comedian Jen Kirkman once discussed a "known perv" comedian, suggesting the C.K. rumours were true, and Roseanne Barr added that she had also heard multiple stories about C.K.'s misconduct. 

I Love You, Daddy attempts to subtly address these rumours. As we said in our review, "tiptoeing around the online Louis C.K. conversation in a meta-comedy feels like a desperate attempt to address the allegations without actually addressing them."

UPDATE (11/9, 3:15 p.m. EDT): The New York Times story has since been published, and five women have gone on record to detail C.K.'s alleged sexual misconduct.