Papyrus Font Creator Reacts to Ryan Gosling's 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Oct 2, 2017

This weekend, Saturday Night Live returned for its Season 43 premiere, finding their latest viral hit with a pre-taped segment about the widely despised Papyrus font. More specifically, the hilarious sketch starred host Ryan Gosling as a man driven mad by the fact that James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster Avatar features prominently on the film's poster and overall branding.
Now, the man responsible for the unrelenting rage of Gosling's character has spoken out. Yes, the creator of the Papyrus font himself has reacted to SNL's takedown.
Chris Costello owned up to being the creative force behind the font, appearing for an interview with CBS News on yesterday morning (October 1) — and he seems to be taking the joke in stride.
"I took a look at it and me and my wife were like cracking up," he said. "I mean we couldn't stop laughing. It was one of the best things I've seen."
Costello went on to defend his claim to fame against its myriad detractors.
"I designed the font when I was 23 years old," he said. "I was right out of college. I was kind of just struggling with some different life issues, I was studying the Bible, looking for God and this font came to mind, this idea of, thinking about the biblical times and Egypt and the Middle East. I just started scribbling this alphabet while I was at work and it kind of looked pretty cool."
Unfortunately, the font isn't even bringing in cash to help bear the brunt of design-related hatred; Costello sold it for $750 and doesn't receive much in the way of royalties.
The SNL sketch ends with a comedic nod to Comic Sans — perhaps the only existing font more reviled than Papyrus — but the creator of that font still seems to be safe in hiding for now.
Canadian viewers can watch the "Papyrus" sketch in its entirety over here.

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