Myq Kaplan No Kidding

Myq Kaplan No Kidding
The word that comes to mind when thinking about Myq Kaplan's comedy is "tight," but as it's used in a musical context — a musician that has complete control of their craft, one who knows how and where the pieces fit together, never missing a beat. The content on No Kidding comes across as so skilled that it almost seems scientifically methodical. Kaplan's persona and comedic timing mesh superbly with tracks that fit together like pieces in a puzzle, as jokes play off of each other in a wonderful interplay. But despite the practiced nature of Kaplan's humour, it never comes across as stiff or unyielding. The comedy is still loose and silly, keeping everything fresh and unpredictable.
Kaplan insinuates that what he does with words may have to do with autism, but he holds a Masters degree in linguistics. This is hardly surprising — much of his comedy revolves around witty and sharp wordplay and puns. If you're not one for puns, fear not, for Kaplan delivers them with such self-aware silly dorkiness that they are too charming for an eye roll. Even his bit "Snoop Dogg, Sean Connery, and Other Perfect Impressions" involves wordplay rather than what we commonly think of as impressions. Although Kaplan has begun delivering more long-form jokes, Kaplan's impressions involve his signature one-liners. It takes a truly skilled comedian to pull off Hedberg-ian jokes, and the ease with which Kaplan succeeds is a testament to his comedic skill.
On No Kidding, Kaplan discusses murder, mysteries, pedophilia, drugs, not wanting children, and so much more. His humour is both intelligent and (intentionally) dumb, dark and innocent, cynical and silly. Being able to switch between these opposites with such ease helps keep the audience guessing. We never know what's going to come next, and we can't wait to find out.
No Kidding is chock full of wit, and incredibly fast-paced, but Kaplan never leaves the audience far behind. Just when he veers off in another direction and you think you've lost him, he pulls it all together in a such an expertly crafted resolution that you can't believe you didn't see it coming. Part of the beauty of his comedy is also the continuity of each joke. He sets up a new joke and manages to interweave it with a previous one, reviving earlier punch lines so that none of his jokes ever really end, and we never really want them to. (A Special Thing)