Morgan Murphy Irish Goodbye

Morgan Murphy Irish Goodbye
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In her first and only standup special, taped in 2014, Morgan Murphy lets her writing speak for itself. Sullenly deadpan to the point where she needed to address it as soon as she got on stage, Murphy's hour is a testament to the beauty of pure jokes with no frills or gimmicks.
One of the major components in Irish Goodbye is Murphy's humour about her degenerate lifestyle. During her special, Murphy tells an anecdote about how being the victim of credit card fraud made her realize she's an alcoholic, and she discusses her terrible taste in men and consequent inability to find love. Similarly, she jokes about how the movie How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days would be a much shorter movie if she was in it, because she would tell Kate Hudson to just go poop on Matthew McConaughey's floor, and she delivers a stellar one-liner about abortion that involves drinking during pregnancy.
Additionally, a good deal of Morgan Murphy's humour involves clever re-evaluations of every day life. She gets the audience to step back and realize how weird it is that blowjobs are seen as being as normal as consuming food, plus she somehow convinces the audience that a girl on Maury who had sex for a cheeseburger actually has more fulfilling standards for sexual relationships than most people. Likewise, Murphy leads the audience to think of posting nude pictures online as relatively harmless in her closer by sharing her comparatively overwhelming fear that someone will post footage of her performing wholehearted slam poetry in her youth.
In closing, Irish Goodbye is a fantastic, no nonsense special of observational comedy with occasional edgy twists. Watching it makes you wish Murphy was still focusing on her stand-up instead of being cooped up in the writers' room of 2 Broke Girls.