Mike Epps

Don't Take It Personal

BY Scott GlaysherPublished Jun 13, 2017

Mike Epps' comedy journey — and career in general for that matter — has faced a variety of ups and downs, but recently he's tried to stay more driven and less drama-free. That's why, in 2015, when he sold out LA's historic Orpheum Theatre, people were really rooting for his second wind. And although said special propelled Epps in the right direction, it wasn't exactly flawless, or close to his personal best.
Don't Take It Personal might have been better received ten years ago but in 2015, a lot of the special's material was shaky at best. He starts off the hour with a great amount of confidence and energy, boldly asking the audience to toss up some drugs on stage and promptly shouting out everyone born in the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.
Epps' humor is crude and always been, which serves its purpose, but what used to be witty observations with unsavoury punchlines has simply turned into a default use of the words "pussy," "bitches," "motherfuckers" and more "pussy." One moment he'll be ecstatically asking the crowd "who has some good pussy in here"; the next he's sadly uttering "I grew up real poor, from the hood" — a rough transition to say the least.
He does end up getting some wood on the ball when describing the strained relationship between a mother's boyfriend and her finicky son. The crowd reacts particularly well when he impersonates said son by saying "That's the third Capri Sun he's had today!"
All in all, this special is good for a couple giggles, but when you can't tell if he's prepared the material or is just freestyling the entire thing, it doesn't leave a great taste.

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