Max Silvestri JFL42, The Garrison, Toronto ON, September 26

Max Silvestri JFL42, The Garrison, Toronto ON, September 26
Max Silvestri is proof that good things come to those who wait. The first few minutes of his set started a bit soft, but toward the end, he had audience members keeling over with laughter. With a look and voice reminiscent of Adam Scott, and an eye for finding multiple layers of silliness in every story, Silvestri was a treat to watch.
Opener Chris Locke is a solid staple of the Toronto comedy scene. His material about the reality of natural birth was frank yet absurd, as was his story about a homeless man shoving his butt into his young daughter's face. As always, his laidback, everyman delivery balanced nicely against his silly sensibility.
Max Silvestri picked up where Locke left off on the topic of children, and explained why he couldn't handle having a strong athletic son. His related material about being an effeminate nerd who doesn't like sports was a bit generic, but it was still a decent, somewhat necessary way to introduce himself to those who didn't know him well.
After that, the show gained some momentum with a cute joke about how he recently realized he closes his eyes when he drinks from water fountains, then really got rolling as Silvestri launched into the storytelling portion of his show. Silvestri's tales about getting his butthole burnt by gasoline, working from home while living next to an elementary school, and losing a tooth as an adult just by biting into a sandwich were all as intensely detailed as they were insanely funny.