Mark DeBonis Mind Pockets

Mark DeBonis Mind Pockets
Mind Pockets by Mark DeBonis is a quick little peak inside the comedian's notebook.
Actually, with little flow, few transitions, and punch lines that are less than fully baked, Mind Pockets is more like accidentally opening someone's Twitter drafts. It's full of ideas that are a bit too long fit into 140 characters, but maybe you just can't be bothered to edit and finesse them down into something that really works.
Jokes like "Montreal Story," "Plural," or "Tennis Ball Intake," all showcase Mark DeBonis's sometimes fairly novel point of view. The problem is that he doesn't really commit to any premise in Mind Pockets. Jokes are brief, with DeBonis bailing before he takes us down any interesting avenues. There are even a few times where DeBonis calls his jokes dumb, or says out loud that he didn't expect people to laugh much.
At one point, in reference to his story about how he would fight off a bunch of Québecois teens, he says "not gonna lie: could have done without that joke." He seems to have this attitude for all of his jokes — they're not very good, and instead of trying to make them better, he agrees that he probably didn't need to say any of them.
Then why did you record any of this? (Comedy Records)