Kenan Thompson Plans on Staying at 'Saturday Night Live' Forever

Kenan Thompson Plans on Staying at 'Saturday Night Live' Forever
Saturday Night Live fans might be bummed about Leslie Jones leaving the show, but at least they won't have to say goodbye to Kenan Thompson any time soon. In a new interview, the long-running cast member said that SNL is his "forever plan."
Thompson has already been at the show for 16 seasons (a record for the longest-tenured cast member), and he'll be returning for his 17th this fall.
And as long as showrunner Lorne Michaels will have him, he doesn't plan on going anywhere. (Michaels refers to Thompson as "a master" in the profile, so he seems pretty safe.)
"That's the forever plan," Thompson told the Washington Post. "To never have to leave that show."
The statement is especially surprising given that Thompson has a number of other high-profile projects on the go. He'll be starring in his own NBC sitcom The Kenan Show next year and is executive producing an All That reboot.
Nevertheless, he will return to SNL for the 45th season premiere on September 28 with host Woody Harrelson and musical guest Billie Eilish.

Jones isn't the only one leaving the cast before the new season starts this fall — Alec Baldwin has hinted that he will not be returning to his role as Donald Trump.