Jay Larson Human Math

Jay Larson Human Math
Human Math is Jay Larson's sophomore album, but he's got way more than just comedy albums under his belt. With multiple appearances on the Late Late Show, four appearances on Conan, his own special on Comedy Central, and so much more, Larson is clearly not one who suffers from performance anxiety. His comfort on the stage is evident simply from listening to his album.
His laidback demeanour on stage seems to parallel an equally laidback approach to life, as Larson seems to find joy in not only the simple things, but in anything, really. Most people are excited to tell you about their favourite band or book, but Larson is eager to share his favourite staircase or door. He is also deeply appreciative of a stellar witty insult, even if that insult is from a stranger, and the target is his wife.
Larson is also a people-watcher, and his observations help fuel his routine. Whether it's watching other people interact while sitting in the airport, or keeping a tally of his friends' idiosyncrasies, Larson is the kind of person you'd want to watch yourself around, because you might end up the butt of one of his jokes. Although at times his observations can lead to slightly cringe-worthy stereotypes (such as a four-minute bit employing the "wise black woman" trope), for the most part his stories are benign and he keeps the audience on board.
Larson employs quite a bit of crowd work throughout the album, which helps to keep the audience engaged. If he ever feels like he may have lost them, he's not afraid to call them out on it and draw them right back in. Confident, observant, witty, and smart, Larson is clearly at home in front of an audience, and the audience is happy to have him there. (A Special Thing)