'I Think You Should Leave' Fans Launch Playable "Eggman Game" for Charity

We've never gotten here before

Photo courtesy of Netflix

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 7, 2023

It's only been on Netflix for a week, but the impact of I Think You Should Leave Season 3 already knows no bounds. Not only are you speaking in semi-yelled, increasingly terse bursts of monologue, but some fans have gone a step further in their emulation of Tim Robinson's various high-strung characters — namely, the very distracted office worker he portrays in the second episode's "Eggman Game" sketch.

Matthew Barton and a friend co-created a playable version of the fictional game Robinson's character Marcus is playing on his computer while being reprimanded by colleagues. The premise is simple: you cannibalistically click and drag to drop eggs into the titular Eggman's mouth. Sometimes one egg is one egg, sometimes it's 40 eggs.

When Marcus completes the game in the sketch, he wins a nude egg — which he is adamant is not porn. "We should be able to look at a little porn at work," he adds. It remains to be seen whether you get mooned in the playable version — we've never gotten here before!

Barton told Kotaku that, while they originally launched egggame.org to "make people laugh," he and his co-creator came to realize that it could be used to raise money for worthy charitable causes.

There's now a button at the top of the game's browser screen that encourages players to click through to donate to the Ruth Ellis Center (a charity that provides support for LGBTQAI+ youth and young adults), as well as a GoFundMe supporting I Think You Should Leave star Bill Wiff, who was recently hospitalized after being diagnosed with cancer late last year.

How many eggs can you feed the Eggman? Watch the full sketch below.


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