Hannibal Buress Comedy Camisado

Hannibal Buress Comedy Camisado
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Recorded in 2015, this set is Hannibal Buress at the peak of his considerable power. The jokes and stories are all pretty much perfect and flow into each other with astounding ease.
Buress plays up his own physicality a lot here, taking his own LASIK eye surgery into a tremendous bit about blindness and conspiracy theories about Stevie Wonder.
At 32, he has the poise and experience to talk about transitioning into adulthood and the travails of losing your ID when you're just past looking like you might not be of age. His take on having children someday takes this amazing turn when he imagines what he might do if he ever fathered triplets.
He addresses his role in renewing interest in Bill Cosby's alleged criminal behaviour, explaining that the media did him weird in their coverage ("Homeless comedian Hannibal Buress… goes after Cosby") and admitted that, when it comes to dating, he's not a good first fuck ("My dick gotta grow on you like the Yeezus album"). It all seems breezy and effortless, one story or joke melting into another in gales of laughter.
This is a display of confident control that comedians dream of striking even once in their lifetime, and Buress makes it all seem like no thing.