Guys We [email protected]#ked Podcast Hyatt Hotel, Montreal QC, July 28

Guys We F@#ked Podcast Hyatt Hotel, Montreal QC, July 28
Guys We [email protected]#ked — the popular anti-slut-shaming podcast hosted by comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson — put on a live taping at the Hyatt Hotel on Friday, the practice being an inseparable part of JFL for the last number of years.
After a free-for-all of questions from the audience on sex addiction and then on sexual boundaries with casual partners, which Fisher and Hutchinson handled with typical wryness and authenticity — with some help from their volunteer interrogators who never failed to keep them on their toes — they welcomed as their guest, comedian and author Dov Davidoff.
It was difficult if not perfect to have Davidoff become the centre of the podcast taping. His description of his past was deeply reflective, honest, funny — in an "It's somewhat funny because I was a child at the time" — sort of way. His interview wasn't so much about sex and promiscuity as it was about how a fractured and confusing childhood (he's got a book coming out!) can lead to the aforementioned activities and — if you're lucky — a deeper reflection and knowledge of where one has come from and one's resulting actions.
It was a deeply engaging conversation that one should listen to in order to fully appreciate. There were disagreements that only lead to further dialogue that did not get muddled up with hard lines and talking points.  The most redeeming aspect of the entire taping was that the hosts and guest could laugh about differences in opinion, argue and come to some sort of tentative agreement on a not-so-precarious scale.  That's something that the world could use more of.
However the prudish might feel about the title, Guys We [email protected]#ked is an essential podcast for intelligent, funny and direct dialogue on sexuality.  The entire taping was engaging, thought provoking and in all other ways absolutely enjoyable.