David Cross Is Bigger and Blackerer on New CD/DVD

David Cross Is <i>Bigger and Blackerer</i> on New CD/DVD
With the rumoured Arrested Development movie sitting in, er, arrested development, indie-friendly funny-man David Cross has had time to explore other projects. Part of that means honing some new stand-up material, which will now be collected on a new comedy album and DVD accompaniment.

 Both the DVD and CD are called Bigger and Blackerer, but the releases have little overlap in terms of material. Culled from two back-to-back shows in Boston, the recordings make up Cross's first official stand-up release in six years.

According to a press release, "Only by watching the DVD will you learn of Cross's unique relationship with the deaf community, share his canny insights into the editorial machinations behind the Bible, and marvel at how well a bald, middle-aged white guy can fill out a pair of jeans. Yet one must listen to the CD in order to hear about gastro-intestinal misadventures with his dog Ollie Red Sox, or sing along with 'The Sultan's Revenge,' the swinging, Vegas-style opening number composed by Cross and his good friend Mark Rivers (author of the theme to Mr. Show)." It all sounds like so much fun!

Both releases will be available from Sub Pop on May 25.

Bigger and Blackerer CD tracklisting:

1. "Opening Song (The Sultan's Revenge)"
2. "If You Care"
3. "That One Show About Drugs and Stuff"
4. "Me and Drugs"
5. "Black Stuff"
6. "...Or Worse"
7. "Where We Are Now Back in Sept. '09"
8. "Silly Religious Crazies"
9. "REALLY Silly Religious Crazies. I Mean, Double, Triple Crazy!!"
10. "Random Goofabouts"
11. "I Can't Get Beer in Me..."
12. "Lesson Learned"