Comedy Records / Exclaim! Standup Showcase: November 3

Keith Pedro, Monty Scott and Nick Reynoldson May Wear Pants

Nick Reynoldson, Monty Scott and Keith Pedro are featured at the Exclaim!/Comedy Records Showcase.

BY Vish KhannaPublished Nov 1, 2016

Canada's only exclusive stand-up and sketch comedy label, Comedy Records, recently teamed up with Exclaim! to launch the aptly named Comedy Records Showcase, which will take place on the first Thursday of every month at Wenona Lodge (1069 Bloor St. W) in Toronto. Show time is 9 p.m. sharp!
The second night of the series takes place Thursday November 3, featuring sets by Keith Pedro, Monty Scott and Nick Reynoldson.
Keith Pedro was born and raised in Toronto; he tours a lot and will be headlining at Yuk Yuk's Halifax between November 10 and 12 before spending the rest of the month playing the East coast before a December swing through Alberta.
When asked to cite the thing that he finds the funniest in the world, Pedro closely surveyed all the computers.
"There are so many people on social media who make me laugh," he says. "That basic girl who constantly takes selfies and adds a Gandhi or a Marilyn Monroe quote to make it seem like she's not dumb. Or that dude who constantly takes shirtless selfies because he needs the internet's approval of his physical attributes. And I am not talking about the guy who is showing the progress of his diet. Or that mother who posts the list of her parenting accomplishments on a daily basis: 'So, Madison is asleep now, she ate carrot soup that I made from scratch and now Kayden has a new faux hawk with frosted tips...'
"It's like, 'Congratulations, you're an adult doing adult stuff.' If Facebook could talk, I'm pretty sure she would say 'Hey, I am not your diary.' It's just really funny to me to see that the most so-called 'successful' people on social media tend to have the lowest self-esteem on the inside. I find it funny because we live in a world where everything is mostly fake and social media reminds us that people are just as fake as the world we live in."
Monty Scott hails from Scarborough, ON; upcoming Canadian tour dates include, Red Deer, AB on Dec 2/3, Grand Prairie, AB on Dec 7 and Cranbrook, BC on Dec 16/17.
"I've been pretty enamoured with roasting ducks and beets," Scott says of his current fixations. "In the fall I'm always excited about my basketball pool. I've also been getting into a lot of holistic health remedies. I'm not very hyped on the establishment so I enjoy the idea of healing naturally.
"I think my ideal dinner guest would be Bill Clinton," he adds. "Primarily because of all the conflicting reports of his behaviour. Would he be charming and incredibly insightful or would he sexually assault all the women in the house, get blasted on coke, and rub his genitals in the cake? Neither would surprise me. I'd serve him roasted duck and beets cause that's my thing right now."
Nick Reynoldson lives in his hometown of Scarborough and he co-hosts a weekly podcast with comedian (and Comedy Records co-founder) Barry Taylor. "It's called Talking Raptors and it's basically two goofballs talking about the Toronto Raptors," he explains.
Reynoldson is a bold guy but, as he reveals here, even he can suffer from self-esteem issues.
"I bought a pair of white pants about a year ago and I have spent every waking second trying to build enough confidence to wear them out in public. I wear them around the house all the time. I look like I am going to party with Diddy but I'm just hanging out at home eating fruit and chilling on YouTube.
"I like that I have the ambition to buy and wear white pants," he adds, contemplating his best and worst attributes. "I dislike that I'm not confident enough to leave my house looking like I should be on a boat. I think I'm just gonna wear the goddamn pants." 
Come out to the Wenona Lodge this Thursday and find out if everyone is wearing pants. Tickets are available here — your $10 admission includes a free Steamwhistle!

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