Bob Saget Is No Longer Beefing with Car Seat Headrest, Apparently

The actor/comedian apologized for blocking the Will Toledo-led indie band's fans on Twitter

Photo: Behind the Velvet Rope TV (right)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 16, 2021

Twitter's recent makeover has had a lot of us reflecting on the accounts we've blocked in past. (You know, because the button looks different now.) Or at least that's the case for actor and comedian Bob Saget, who has issued an apology to his blocking victims — many of whom happen to be fans of the band Car Seat Headrest.

"Apologies to all the people I've blocked over the years," Saget wrote. "Just can only let positive stuff in. If I could block myself I would. And sending @carseatheadrest my very best."

As it turns out, his feud with the band dates back over a decade — before they were indie mainstays, the Bandcamp darlings from Virginia released an album called exactly 11 years ago today. One of the songs on the project was titled "the ghost of bob saget," wherein frontman Will Toledo sings some pretty explicit stuff about Saget — and uh, also uses the f-slur.

"So I put on a dress and followed him to heaven / But first, I gave him a blowjob outside the 7-Eleven," Toledo sings of a fictionalized Saget on the track. 

Replying to Saget from the band's Twitter account, Toldeo explained: "Bob, you were in a comic my friend @partydogge wrote a while ago! From there, it became a whole thing." The comic by artist Cate Wurtz — the unsurprisingly NSFW Asscastle — does indeed feature Saget's ghost.

Apparently, fans of both the band and the comic artist were tweeting about the song (and Asscastle) in recent times, and the extra attention did not sit well with Saget. When he started blocking people, it naturally led to even more attention and harassment on the hellsite. It must've snowballed quite a bit if he felt the need to address the situation with an apology tweet.

Check out the exchange between Saget and Toledo below, as well as some fan tweets about the whole ordeal. 

Car Seat Headrest's most recent record was 2020's Making a Door Less Open.


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