The Blue Jean Committee "Gentle and Soft"

The Blue Jean Committee 'Gentle and Soft'
Funny friends Fred Armisen and Bill Hader have teamed up as the Blue Jean Committee for an EP called Catalina Breeze, but before it officially hits shelves next week, the comedy duo have shared a new track called "Gentle and Soft."
The title says a lot about the sound of the song, though a colourfully worded press release offers some additional insight. It reads:
Ahhhhh. The feeling of a fresh cotton towel straight out of the dryer; draping your skin in warm and fluffy hug of fabric. Or maybe the soft touch of puffy kittens entangled in your arms? These simple feelings of pleasure and contentment are often hard to emulate...unless you're the Blue Jean Committee!
Let Armisen and Hader's musical alter egos Clark Honus and Gene Allen sweep you off your feet and on to a bed of clouds with the soft and gentle sounding "Gentle and Soft" in the player below.
Catalina Breeze is out on November 20 through Drag City.