Baroness Von Sketch Show

JFL42, Toronto ON, September 22

BY Vish KhannaPublished Sep 23, 2018

At JFL42's ComedyCon to promote their recently launched third season on CBC, the cast of Baroness Von Sketch Show sat together to reflect upon past sketches that went viral, reveal behind-the-scenes stories about how they came to be, and ponder what might come next.
Moderated by author and BVSS writer Monica Heisey, the panel had a rather casual feel. "Anybody got a tissue?" Meredith MacNeill said almost as soon as she and her castmates took to their director's chairs on stage and, sure enough, a nearby onlooker supplied some to the grateful comedian.
From then on, a packed house participated in a kind of DVD extras feature or commentary track, as Heisey called for sketches to be screened behind them, and after they played, earning laughs and applause, asked the troupe questions about their origins.
MacNeil recounted the physical stunts she had to complete, leaping to slide across a table for "Psycho Salad," while Carolyn Taylor softened all that peril by recalling how much chocolate pudding her secondary character consumed.
Taylor discussed the real-life, Northern Ontario inspiration behind "We're at the cottage," and its "anything goes except that" premise, and Jennifer Whalen remembered a dead fish floating by, distracting her and Taylor during their lakeside dock scenes.
Whalen told the story behind the legendary "Moms Say 'Hello'" idea, and how it's something of a nod to Kids in the Hall's "30 Helens Agree." Aurora Browne admitted almost barfing while chugging a whole bottle of wine (i.e., apple juice) in the much-improvised "ID," and that led to revelations about just how much improv has occurred on set by the time a BVSS script goes from paper to film/video.
Whalen had fond memories of working with Reggie Watts for a sketch after he tweeted his love for the show, and Heisey and the cast divulged that Janeane Garofalo will be appearing on an episode this season. They also told us that shooting for season four starts Monday at 5:30 a.m., immensely pleasing the gathered audience whose love for Baroness Von Sketch Show overflowed at JFL42.

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