Arthur Simeon

The Blackest Panther

BY Vish KhannaPublished Feb 24, 2020

In a killer zone, Toronto comedian Arthur Simeon truly slays on this dynamic live album that shows off his sharp writing and delivery. 
With a healthy mix of self-effacement and shrewdly presented self-confidence, Simeon brings us into his world, recounting hilarious anecdotes about leaving his homeland of Uganda for Thunder Bay, and being one of six children, with three sisters who dressed him up like a living doll.
Racial and cultural differences are confronted with a joyful spirit, as Simeon misdirects, using our own expectations against us, while also highlighting how extraordinarily unusual some people and their companion peacocks can be.
The Blackest Panther is easily one of the strongest standup albums of the young year and showcases Arthur Simeon for who he is — one of the funniest minds and most sure-footed performers of our time.
(Comedy Records)

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