Amy Schumer Clarifies Status of Show After Cryptic Tweets

Amy Schumer Clarifies Status of Show After Cryptic Tweets
Amy Schumer's been serving up a sharp blend of stand-up, sketches and hilarious interviews over the last four years on Inside Amy Schumer, but apparently the Comedy Central show's fourth season was its last.
In a tweet last night (August 17), Schumer declared: "We aren't making the show anymore." The comment comes following news earlier this year the network had picked up the show for a fifth season that has yet to shoot.
The revelation arose out of Schumer's response to controversial Facebook posts from Kurt Mertzger, who spammed the social network with sarcastic remarks about rape culture, presumably in support of Aaron Glaser — a comedian who was recently banned from the Upstanding Citizens Brigade Theatre following a series of rape allegations.
Schumer stepped in to distance herself from the comments, tweeting that she was "saddened and disappointed" by her friend Metzger, but that they are no longer professional colleagues.

Clarifying that she hadn't fired him as a result of his recent comments, Schumer elaborated, tweeting: "I didn't fire Kurt. He isn't a writer for my show because we aren't making the show anymore. There are no writers for it."

Comedy Central has yet to offer an official statement on the status of Inside Amy Schumer, but with the comedian having just released her memoir The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo and an upcoming world tour on the horizon, season five doesn't seem like it will be arriving any time too soon.

UPDATE (8/18, 11:15 a.m. EDT): The comedian has further clarified her comments, confirming that Inside Amy Schumer is not cancelled. The show is merely on hiatus as she promotes her book and heads out on tour.