Aparna Nancherla Just Putting It Out There

Aparna Nancherla Just Putting It Out There
Aparna Nancherla is an endearing trickster who sets us up, as much as she might a joke. "I was thinking about this the other day: Don't you guys hate? That's all I've got for that one," she says to gales of laughter.
Dry, unassuming and absurd, Nancherla presents her self-consciousness confidently. She's an observational comic who takes on things we can all relate to, like getting lost all the time or mistaking the intention to do some yoga for actually doing some yoga, as her own, personal struggle. It's light and breezy but you can tell Nancherla wouldn't be afraid to take one for the team, maybe more than just the one time.
Within her benign cynicism, she often discusses instances in which she's been underestimated, as a comedian, as a woman, and as an aspiring entertainer who happens to be a visible minority. She's open about her struggles with depression too, turning such stories into some of her funniest, most disarming fare.
One of the shrewdest, funniest comedians working right now, Nancherla sounds almost cavalier on Just Putting it Out There, but there's a lot of heady, insightful stuff here about her, certainly, but also about we all process the world around us in our own peculiar ways. (Bentzen Ball Records)