Today Is the Day's Steve Austin Scores 'A 60's Love Story'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 11, 2015

While Today Is the Day leader Steve Austin is gearing up for another round of club dates behind the noise rock band's Animal Mother LP, you'll soon be hearing the guy's music in movie houses as well. He's signed on to deliver the score to upcoming flick, A 60's Love Story.

A press release explains that the Today is the Day/LAE member recently completed his first-ever "full-on solo recording," with the original music to be used for director Tate Steinseck's (Face Off) film, which premieres November 3 in Hollywood.

Austin has reportedly delivered a "dark, afflicted, psychedelic soundtrack" to match the plot, which, it's explained, centers on the character of Max Bornstein, "a full-time dope fiend and a part-time father working within the underground, highly illegal pornography industry."

Austin explained in a statement of his work: "The film is set in the 1960s. Rather than go for a retro vibe, I set out to make a score for this film that could enhance the seedy, criminal vibe going on. Dirty, smoky jazz, psychedelic keyboards, and in general a vibe that makes you feel the duality of what the main character Max Bornstein, is going through."

In addition to all-new material, the film will also feature Today Is the Day's Animal Mother number "Outlaw," a "psychedelic reworking" of the title track to the band's 1997 album Temple Of The Morning Star, and the LAE project's "Broken Knee." You'll find a stream of the latter down below.

As previously reported, Austin gets back on the road with Today Is the Day this fall for another leg of Animal Mother dates. They make it out to Toronto and Ottawa by the end of September. You'll find all of the date and venue details over here.

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