When the Going Gets Dark

BY Vish KhannaPublished Mar 1, 2006

Ex-spouses Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes make a hell of a racket for a two-piece band and their latest record is their fiercest yet. When the Going Gets Dark is a heady, psychedelic trip with layers of instrumentation propelling Coomes’ voice, which lies somewhere between Wayne Coyne and Joel Plaskett in pitch and form. Weiss’ propulsive pounding and sweet and low-mixed backing vocals are the perfect foil for Coomes’ surreal, introspective lyrics. Songs like the free jazz inspired "The Rhino,” "Peace and Love” and "Death Culture Blues” are bizarre ruminations on life and love, with each coming across as call-to-arms, mission statements for an unspecified objective. There is freedom in these performances, however, and Quasi exude a sense of optimism and possibility on this inspiring album.
(Touch and Go)

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