Metallica Get Limited Edition Budweiser in Quebec

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 15, 2015

Fans of Metallica have had plenty of unique cross-overs to enjoy of late. If you're hoping to sip some suds while enjoying the James Hetfield/Garfield mashup, you're in luck as Labatt have just teamed up with the veteran metal band to create a special black Budweiser in Quebec.

Labatt will brew 91,000 black cans worth of sweet, sweet Metallica Budweiser, and those will hit the market on September 28.

The brew is intended to coincide with the closure of Quebec City's Colisée Pepsi and the opening of Centre Vidéotron. Metallica will celebrate these venue changes with a pair of shows in the city on September 14 and 16.

"We are very pleased that the guys in Metallica are participating in this unique partnership that marks the history of the Centre Vidéotron," Labatt's Jean Gagnon said in a statement [via Blabbermouth].

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