KEN Mode

"These Tight Jeans"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 21, 2015

If you're the kind of person who habitually hates on well-meaning people, then KEN Mode have a message for you, and it comes in form of their song "These Tight Jeans."

The track features harsh, distorted guitars and a drum beat that includes rapid fills practically ever bar. It features Jesse Matthewson hollering about negativity

Matthewson said in a statement, "'These Tight Jeans' is a post punk-rock tribute to the absolute insanity of the 'hater' culture that plagues the media, social networking, and our daily lives as human beings alive in 2015. The first line of the song says it all: 'I would like to learn how to kill the nicest man in the world.' Stop disrespecting each other and go run a marathon, do some push-ups, read a book, create something: get a life. Life's too short."

Hear the song below.

KEN Mode's album Success drops on June 16 via New Damage Records/Season of Mist.

Tour dates:

06/16 Toronto, ON – The Shop (Parts & Labour) #
06/17 Montreal, QC – Turbo Haus #
06/18 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus #
06/19 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie #
06/20 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups #
06/21 Chicago, IL – The Burlington #
06/26 Winnipeg, MB – The Goodwill

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