The Crooked Brothers

'Thank You I'm Sorry' (album stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 16, 2014

Rootsy Manitoba trio the Crooked Brothers will release their third studio album Thank You I'm Sorry next week, but you can take a listen to it right now at

From a single harmonica to three-part harmonies, the Crooked Brothers are able to captivate listeners with their blend of folk, blues and rock'n'roll. Their knack for juggling instruments like banjos, mandolins, guitars and more between members on stage, translates into the studio, adding to their rich, full-sounding brand of folk.

Like their home province of Manitoba, there's a mix of rural and urban influence on the new material, as well as the diversity that comes from combining the work of three individual musicians.

"It's nice to get into the studio and not have any gear limitations, but I think we really shine when there's no schedule and we can spend all the time we need getting the sound we want out of each instrument," says bandmate Darwin Baker in a statement about the inspiration behind the record.

But there were less conventional influences too. "We watched a lot of kung fu movies during the process, especially the Ip Man series. I wonder how much that influenced the record."

With such a friendly-sounding album title, it's unlikely that listeners will actually hear any kung fu in the music, but that doesn't mean the record doesn't kick ass.

Thank You I'm Sorry is out on September 23 via Transistor 66, but you can give it an advanced spin below. The Crooked Brothers also have several Canadian tour dates coming up, and you can see all those here.

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