Alden Penner Revisits 2004 with Demos EP, Plots Single Featuring Michael Cera

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 11, 2014

Following a brief reunion with the Unicorns this year, Alden Penner is preparing to once again revisit his past, this time by digging up a few decade-old demos for an EP. JUNE 04 will be out next week, on December 16.

As the title indicates, these songs were made way back in June of 2004. This would have been while the Unicorns were still together, since they continued to play shows until the end of that year. At least one of these songs has been released before, as "Ghost of Creaky Crater" was a solo single back in 2005 (although this demo is presumably different from that version).

The EP will coincide with a video for "Oh How the Day," which will be set to an alternate mix of the song.

You can pre-order the EP, which seems to be digital only, here on Bandcamp.

What's more, Penner will release a new single in 2015, which will feature musically minded actor Michael Cera. Probably not coincidentally, Cera previously collaborated another Unicorns member, Nick Thorburn, in his project Mister Heavenly.

JUNE 04:

1. Ghost of Creaky Crater (demo)
2. Bad Heart (demo)
3. Oh How the Day (demo)

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