Adult Swim Reportedly Rejected Fifth Season of 'Metalocalypse'

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 16, 2015

Bad news, Dethklok fans: it seems heavy metal cartoon Metalocalypse won't be coming back to Adult Swim anytime soon. This disappointing news comes from co-creator Brendon Small, who's explained that the network turned down a fifth season.

His plan was to wrap up the show with a mini-series, but Adult Swim evidently rejected that idea. It's not all bad news, however, since Small promised that he won't leave the series unfinished.

He tweeted: This update comes hot on the heels of a Metalocalypse teaser being posted on Adult Swim's website. Unfortunately, the teaser consisted entirely of old clips and didn't signify anything new on the way.

There hasn't been a proper season of the show since 2012. In 2013, there was an hour-long rock opera special called Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem.

Meanwhile, an online petition has so far raised more than 5,700 signatures in support of a new season of the show.

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