​Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart

Colisée Desjardins B, Victoriaville QC, May 14

BY Byron ColeyPublished May 15, 2015

Fresh on the heels of their eponymous collaborative LP, Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart played an excellent show at FIMAV, assisted by a video created by Le Révélateur's Sabrina Ratté. Like the album on which their set was based, the music was not entirely congruent with either of artists' solo work, but created a new sound that drew equally from their roots.
JIMH's Radwan Ghazi Moumneh was often the visual centre of the set, whether singing, playing buzuq or releasing gawps of analog synth blurp. Of Suuns' members, Benjamin Shemie was the most active, moving between vocals and guitar and even sharing a cymbal with Liam O'Neill on the final song, a solo JIMH piece.
But the combination of the two was wildly successful in a live setting. The presence of live instruments really added a dimensional kick to JIMH's sound, and the mopey weave of Suuns' musical approach felt much more focused in this setting. Their lateral drift seemed as though it had a more fixed end point, and that worked in unexpected and interesting ways.

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