'Star Wars' and Disney Did Not Approve of Amy Schumer's 'GQ' Spread

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 17, 2015

Amy Schumer has moved her wildly popular brand of comedy to the big screen this weekend with the release of her highly anticipated Trainwreck movie. To promote the film, GQ opted to pair Schumer with another highly anticipated film, creating a humorous Star Wars thread. As it turns out, both Lucasfilm and Disney are a little perturbed by the whole thing.

The photos feature Schumer smoking cigarettes in bed with C3PO and R2D2, fellate a lightsaber and dance on a bar in a Princess Leia costume, among other poses. They're pretty funny, to be sure, but they certainly don't seem to fit into Disney's squeaky clean world. The full gallery of images can be viewed here.

A number of Star Wars fans are speaking out, claiming that the photoshoot was in "poor taste." Now, the official Star Wars account is responding to fans and denying their involvement.
As is often the case in Hollywood, however, the whole thing feels like damage control. After all, the iconic Star Wars characters are worth a shit load of money, having raked in a whopping $4 billion USD when George Lucas sold them to Disney in 2012. As such, we highly doubt GQ would've risked using their likeness without some sort of official permission.

Trainwreck is in theatres now. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit theatres on December 18.

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