ZZBRA "Green" (video)

ZZBRA 'Green' (video)
Busy BC rapper Moka Only has released a massive amount of material in the past decade and a half, so it doesn't come as too much of surprise that he's formed a new group. ZZBRA is his collaboration with fellow West Coast MC Evil Ebenerzer, with whom he will release the album ZZBRA: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on January 31 via Camobear Records. Here's a preview of that disc in the form of "Green."

The track delivers hard-hitting beats, a bevy of synths, and lots of rhymes about the titular colour. The video is similarly green-themed, as it features forests, green graffiti, oversized green peppers, and famed Vancouver Canucks supporters the Green Men. Vancouver residents will also recognize several of the clip's locations from around town.

The song was produced by the Draft Dodgers, aka Stuey Kubrick & U-tern. Stuey also directed the video.