Zubotta Zubotta

There’s no underestimating the influence of the mighty Warp Records stable on today’s electro artists, but who knew that even folkies listen to Squarepusher? Vancouver violinist Jesse Zubot is known for his Juno Award-winning roots duo Zubot and Dawson, but apparently he likes to futz around in his home studio as a sideline. Zubotta is the product of years of home recordings, inspired by the likes of Autechre and Boards of Canada. But while those acts remain relevant by pushing the limits of their sound ever-forward, Zubotta’s aggressive, almost industrial-style electro soundscapes sound like a pale (and dated) imitation of the source material. While it’s always commendable to see artists moving beyond boundaries and trying different things, this generally unexceptional side project suggests that Zubot should stick to the strings. (Drip Audio)