Zombi Reach Escape Velocity on New Album

Zombi Reach <i>Escape Velocity</i> on New Album
With a name like Zombi, it's hard to avoid comparing the epic synth jams of the prog-y Pittsburgh, PA duo to the late '70s Italian horror scores of Goblin. But despite the epic and occasionally spooky tunes off albums like Spirit Animal, there's always been a certain sexiness to Zombi's polyrhythmic, oscillating synth compositions. The group are hoping to explore this a bit more with their recently announced fifth full-length, Escape Velocity.

A press release for the album, which drops May 10 on Relapse Records, explains that the band have moved past the realm of horror scores, choosing instead to explore the groove-influenced, icy synthscapes plotted out by pioneers like Italo-disco icon Giorgio Moroder and Krautrock legends Neu! The scope of Zombi's tunes, meanwhile, is as epic as ever -- three of the new album's five tracks hover close to the ten-minute mark.

"The sweeping synth sequences and pulsing rhythms are sometimes dancey, sometimes reflective, but always hypnotic under the watchful eye of this distinguished duo," the press release reads.

Further sexing up the set is the album's cheeky artwork, which you can see above.

Escape Velocity:

1. "Escape Velocity"
2. "Slow Oscillations"
3. "Shrunken Heads"
4. "DE3"
5. "Time Of Troubles"