Zombi Members 'Brainstorm' on Split LP

Zombi Members 'Brainstorm' on Split LP
Pittsburgh-based prog duo Zombi have dropped some heady freak-outs on their previous albums, most recently with their 2011 release Escape Velocity. For their next release, however, they've both gone solo and teamed up for a split album.

The record is called Brainstorm, and a press release describes it as "an alternate reality version of OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below -- a world where instead of beautiful women, expensive clothes and futuristic cars, we get transcendent aliens, expensive synthesizers, and futuristic cars."

Side A of this vinyl release sees Zombi's Steve Moore exploring with freaky synthscapes in the vein of John Carpenter and Vangelis over four tracks. Then, on the flip, Majeure (born A.E. Paterra) drops a 20-minute jam that runs the gamut from strict ambience to straight up prog-rockin'.

Brainstorm will be available in January via Temporary Residence Ltd. Album opener "Enhanced Humanoid" can be streamed below.


Side A:

1. "Enhanced Humanoid"
2. "Null Space"
3. "Dawn Of Primordial Life"
4. "Alternate Quantum Realities"

Side B:

5. "Atlantis Purge"