Zodiac "Come" (ft. Jesse Boykins iii)

Zodiac 'Come' (ft. Jesse Boykins iii)
Last week, former Weeknd collaborator Zodiac (aka Jeremy Rose) announced his upcoming "hedonistic and deprecating" self-titled EP would arrive this fall. While at the time, he left a few details up in the air, including the tracklisting, all has now been revealed.

Down below you can catch the tracklisting, as well as a stream of new number "Come." The production on that cut is as murky as anything off of House of Balloons, to which Rose allegedly helped conceive, with backwards-tracked samples and off-kilter tabla and tambourine hits flooding the senses. A female voice asks guest vocalist Jesse Boykins iii to come over and hang out, and the singer offers up some sensual moans and tongue-flicking innuendos in reply.

As previously reported, Zodiac arrives digitally September 24 and on vinyl October 8 via Vase Records.


1. GirlGirlGirl

2. Come (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

3. So Soon We Change

4. Loss Config.

5. 138