Zillatron Lord of the Harvest

Luckily the liner notes of the album comes with the warning: "this record is silly,” otherwise the masses might take Bootsy Collins’s tales of one-dimensional space and cattle mutilations and run panicked into the streets. Reminiscent of Frank Zappa’s early ’80s opus "Joe’s Garage” right down to Bootsy’s vocodered spoken word bits à la Central Scrutinizer. Also like Zappa’s work we’re left to wonder why so many top-flight musicians are required to tell a joke. Bernie Worrell, Buckethead, Bill Laswell and even Grandmaster Melle Mel join the parade of paranoid delusion, marching to the beat of power-funk overdrive. Demanding lucidity from a man dressed like a gay Darth Vader may be futile, and certainly fans of kitchen sink funk will be pleased, but expect resistance from the rest of us. (Innerhythmic)