Zeus "OK Blue Jays" (2015 Postseason Version)

Zeus 'OK Blue Jays' (2015 Postseason Version)
Following the bat flip of all bat flips, Toronto outfit Zeus are celebrating Bautista and rest of the Jays with an updated version of ages-old rally anthem, "OK Blue Jays."

A press release notes that the song had been penned by Jack Lenz with Tony Kosinec and first recorded by Keith Hampshire and the Bat Boys in 1983. This new redo finds Zeus singing about pop-flys and watching the boys in blue dominating the game. It should be noted that in addition to fan support, a series of 7th inning errors from the opposing team can be a big help too.

The updated anthem now features the rival-challenging line: "Bring on the Rangers, bring on the Royals, bring on the Astros, the Cubbies, and the Mets too."

Considering the Jays took the first series from the Rangers last night (October 14), we're guessing Zeus hit the studio before turning on the game.

Here's what Zeus had the following to say about the post-season push:

We love the way this team has brought the city and this country together. I think in the wake of being a global laughing stock thanks to our former mayor, this is a refreshing change and something we can all be proud of. Torontonians have been holding their collective heads a little higher lately. In addition, we think this song brings a lot of nostalgia for those of us that remember the Blue Jays' former glory days. Recording "OK Blue Jays" is our way of paying tribute to the team that has brought an entire nation back to that feeling.

The Blue Jays will next face the Kansas City Royals for the American League Championship.